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The Mina Khani denim jackets feature oriental rug patterns on the shoulders with a painting of Emperor Muhammad Shah (Rangila) on the back. Muhammad Shah (Rangila) is known for his influence in cultural flourishing in South Asia after the decline of art and literature by the predecessors. His encouragement of art and poetry later became the emblem of the Hindustani Society. 

Painting Description: Emperor Muhammad Shah, who reigned from 1719 to 1748, was known as “Rangila,” which means “the Colorful.” The innovative use of a black background sharply sets off the chartreuse green of his jama and the pearls of his adornments and bolster. On his left thumb he wears an archer’s ring, and a stabbing dagger is tucked into his bejeweled belt. Even his trained hunting falcon has a ruby necklace. In this formal posthumous portrait, the master artist conveys a heightened realism that emerges effortlessly from elegant contour lines and bold use of color. The work was part of an album of paintings collected in India before 1811 by a Scottish politician who worked for the British East India Company.

Size Chart:

Size Chest Sleeves B.Length
Small 22" 25" 25"
Medium 23" 26" 26"
Large 24" 27" 27”


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